Strength in Brand. Strength in Values.

Best in class. This is the guiding principle for our brands and for our company. We express this principle in our brands by an adherence to quality, taste, freshness and value. These qualities have made us a trusted favorite for special occasions, weekend barbecues, everyday meals and family gatherings of all sizes for generations. And it’s this trust that drives our passion for excellence day in and day out.

Woman working in a meat packing facility.

Closeup of Chef's fingers garnishing beef

At Square-H Brands, we recognize this dedication to Best in class as a key to our success. It is the foundation of our company, and extends to our customers, our consumers, our suppliers and our associates. We recognize the importance of all these relationships and we see our success reflected back to us through their loyalty and longevity. Our dedication extends into our community as we strive to be good citizens, and is shown in our willingness to listen to the needs of our customers and consumers.

Best in class means we are dedicated to creating, making, and delivering great products at fair prices. Our team works tirelessly to create innovative products based on current needs and trends while maintaining unsurpassed safety standards. This is how we set the stage for our future success.

While many other local meat processing companies consolidated and moved their operations east, we have remained family-owned and family-run for more than 85 years. This stability has allowed our vision and mission to remain true and consistent. Our values guide our products, our culture and our future. To us, that’s our true strength: Best in class.

Young girl eating hotdog
Chef slicing beef roast and sliced beef roast on cutting board